Gmail’s search bar can prove to be an extremely powerful if you know how to get advantage
of search operators. This article will be focusing on how you can filter mails that were sent
during a specific time frame.

To conduct such a search, you’ll first need to provide the time frame in Gmail search. To do
so, you’ll need to note down the time period in which the email was first sent to your Inbox.
Once you have the time and date, you’ll need to convert them into “Epoch time also known
as UNIX TIME”. This can be done by using online Epoch time converters such as this one.
After you converted the time frame to Epoch time, you can fill out the Gmail search bar with


your search parameters using this operator:

  • After: “insert time here”
  • Before: “insert time here”

Once you’re done filling up the spaces with the converted times, clicking on the search
button or pressing the “Enter” key will cause Gmail to pull up every email that you’ve
received during the specified time stamp.


You can also combine other search operators to filter your specific emails.